Let Your Coworkers Know You're Cool: Retro Gaming Cufflinks And Other Jewelry On Etsy

May 23, 2008


Seller pixelparty is selling a bunch of sweet-ass retro gaming jewelry on Etsy. The pieces featured in the picture are cufflinks, but they've also got earrings, pins and bracelets (including a Ganon pin I'm going to buy and burn -- I hate that bastard). Cufflinks are $16 and earrings are $10. Check out a bunch more pictures after the jump and then buy something and wear it to your next job interview. After all, nothing says, "I'll spend the entire day commenting on Geekologie and playing a Nintendo emulator" better than a pair of Goomba cufflinks. Well, besides the t-shirts I'm selling that actually say that.

Hit the jump for the rest and a link to the seller's site.





pixelparty's Etsy Page

Koopa & Goomba Cufflfinks [albotas]

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