Jerrari Is Half Jeep, Half Ferrari, All For Sale

May 13, 2008


Looking to buy a car but can't make up your mind? Have you got it narrowed down between a Jeep and Ferrari? Well why not pick up this sweet-ass Jerrari and get both!

This one-off combines a 1969 Jeep Wagoneer with a Ferrari 365-GT front-end. Although currently equipped with a 350ci V8, it could easily be returned to its original Ferrari V-12 power plant.

That's right folks, the Jerrari is the lovechild of a Ferrari and Jeep that spent a romantic night together in the shadowy corner of a used car lot. You see, the two got drunk after lapping up the remains from some wino's jug that he accidentally knocked over while urinating on the side of the Jeep. Yep, they totally bumped bumpers, and the Ferrari squeezed the Jerrari out her tailpipe four months later. The Jeep soon grew tired of the Ferrari's constant bickering and cracked his own block. Now the Ferrari is selling her offspring so she can afford a CD player and new floor mats to attract another mate. Strumpet.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures and a link to the auction which has a TON (literally, 2,000 lbs.) more and links to some videos.





Jerrari eBay Auction

Thanks to Arthur, half man, half god

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