Japanese Hooter Pudding: Definitely Not The Stuff Bill Cosby Used To Sell, But Should've

May 14, 2008


Japanese hooter pudding (aka double D deliciousness) are pudding packs that come in the shape of everyone's favorite pillows. That's right, inside the seemingly innocent packaging are two scrumtittilyumptios pudding receptacles. Sheer marketing genius. I love sweater yams and pudding, so this is a match made in heaven for me. Say, did I ever tell you about the time a lady friend and I messed around with some chocolate pudding in the sack? Yeah, it looked like someone shat the bed.

Two NSFW pictures of what's under the packaging, after the jump.

Oh, and can someone send me some?



Sorry Bill, I'm Going With The Japanese Boob Pudding Instead! [cameltap]

Thanks to Manny, who doesn't need yam pudding because he sees enough of the real thing

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