It's About Time: A Sun Bed For Your Pets

May 5, 2008


Cats and dogs love the sun. They just want to lay in it and get all hot and smelly and delicious. Well for those of you out there that live in a windowless apartment or just keep the shades pulled all the time because you walk around with your junk flapping in the breeze, there is still hope for your furry little loved ones. And it comes in the form of a SunSpa.

The SunSpa's elegant wooden arch provides a stable base and convenient handles for easy maneuverability. The light itself maintains a comfortable temperature of 80-85 degrees on the bed's surface, lasts 5000 hours and is 150 watts. The luxurious Crypton (where Superman suckled his mother's teat) fabric cover is odor resistant, water resistant, stain resistant, and is machine washable. Along with the cover, the soft foam padding folds up for easy storage.

So there you have it. No word on price, but it's probably more than opening the freaking blinds. But less than a popcorn machine -- which, incidentally, is what my cats use to stay warm. So if you ever come over it's best to politely decline any popcorn I offer.

Kitty Tanning Bed is a Bad Sign for Humanity [gizmodo]

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