IT Kama Sutra Poses Threw My Back Out

May 20, 2008


We've all been there before -- you get home from the bars after striking out with the ladies but you're still feeling amorous. So what do you do? You bang your computer. Well thankfully this is not a picture of that. These are actually Kama Sutra positions to be used by trained IT professionals to mount a PC while attempting a repair. I know nothing about these, because I am neither an IT guy nor any sort of professional. I've only tried one Kama Sutra position in my whole life, and that was the Pterodactyl. You should really try it some time. Whenever you're on top just hold the sheet in your outstretched arms and flap it like a giant wing while yelling, "CAW CAW!" Trust me, it's the most sensual thing a woman can ever experience.

Kama Sutra For IT People [digg]

Thanks to Shawn, who has tried all of these, but with chicks

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