Is This What A Real Sonic Would Look Like?

May 12, 2008


From the same artist that brought us the realistic Bowser painting, comes this one of Sonic The Hedgehog. He even included a little pixelated version of what a more realisitc hedgehog would have looked like in game.

The biggest challenge about this one was, that the original Sonic looks everything but realistic. He is so stylized, that it's hard to tell if he is a hedgehog at all. This made it hard to find a middle course between the initial design and the look of a real hedgehog.

In the end I decided to give him a color-pattern that resembles a West European Hedgehog but facial proportions that stick to Sonic himself. His white gloves and the red shoes he kept as another link to the original, but the shoes underwent a little redesign. In addition his body looks like that of a runner, making it more believable that he can run at such high speeds.

So, what do you think? Good, bad, or ugly? I can't really judge since I was caught soliciting my vote in return for "inappropriate" favors during a bikini contest. So yeah, banned from judging.

sonic the real hedgehog

Thanks to Tal, who is not only faster than Sonic, but has more gold rings

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