Is Steampunk Fashion The Next Big Trend?

May 9, 2008


Probably not. I would definitely throw myself in front of a train before I was caught dressing like one of those wanksteaks in the top pictures. The guys on the bottom are looking pretty sharp though. I could do that. Maybe. Well there was recently an article in the New York Times Fashion and Style section about the steampunk fashion trend. I tried to read the whole thing but I mostly just looked at the pictures and ate three oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.

Quaint to some eyes, or outright bizarre, steampunk fashion is compelling all the same. It is that rarity, a phenomenon with the potential to capture a wider audience, offering a genteel and disciplined alternative to both the slack look of hip-hop and the menacing spirit of goth.

"As a subculture, we are not the spawn of Satan," Ms. Kriete said. "People smile when they see us. They want to take our picture."

Steampunk style is also an expression of a desire to return to ritual and formality. "Steampunk has its tea parties and its time-travelers balls."

Stop the presses. I was this close to going out and buying a monocle and tophat until I read that. As a time traveler, I'm gonna have to take a stand against Steampunk taking my balls. I mean, that's just wrong. I need those for when I travel back to the Jurassic period to bang velocirapators dino-style.

A link to the NY Times article and several more pictures after the jump. And since it's Friday and I love you all, I included one of some smoking-hot steampunky chicks.




Steampunk Moves Between 2 Worlds [nytimes]

Thanks to Ross and Daniel, both of whom know how to get the ladies steamy without wearing a ridiculous topcoat

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