I Know What I'm Getting!: This Wicked Tattoo

May 16, 2008


Let's face it folks, the Bowser riding a surfboard tattoo is pale in comparison to this wicked work of needle and ink. As you can see, it's a, uh, dolphin with its own tattoo smoking a bong and sitting on a tattered recliner. Oh, and it looks like he's staring at an owl and thinking "AKH" (which may or may not be some prison ink). Seriously, not even Spiderman guy can F with this. This thing is just pure ridiculous. Admittedly, I was high for the majority of my college career but never, ever, ever have I smoked with a dolphin before. Or a porpoise. Okay, that's not entirely true. I did smoke with a porpoise* -- to avoid going to class and to make Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 even funner.

*High-five for the pun!

"I'd like a tattoo of a dolphin with a tribal tattoo smoking a bong on a recliner, please." [albotas]

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