I Know What I Want For Mother's Day!

May 7, 2008


It's this -- Craftsman's 1,470 piece tool set. Actually 10 other different tool sets combined, it includes such hits as the:

300 pc. Professional Tool Set
198 pc. Advanced Essentials Professional Tool Set
189 pc. Specialized Essentials Professional Tool Set
204 pc. Advanced Access Professional Tool Set
106 pc. Advanced Professional Tool Set
89 pc. Specialized Access Professional Tool Set
83 pc. Fully Polished Ratcheting Tool Set
77 pc. Heavy-Duty Mechanics Tool Set
94 pc. Auto Specialty Tool Set
130 pc. Professional Impact Tool Set

Now if you're a woman you're probably thinking to yourself, "You know, I should probably be in the kitchen cooking something". And I wouldn't argue . Kidding ladies! That only applies to my wife. But if you're a guy you're probably thinking, "Is my firstborn son worth the $8,600 pricetag?" And the answer, sadly, is no. You're gonna have to sell the second one too.

Product Page (check it out for more pictures of the individual sets and whatnot)
$8,600 Craftsman 1470 piece tool set: your house is doomed [dvice]

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