Huge Piñata Shaped Like A Monster Derrière

May 29, 2008


Remember when you went to your friend's birthday party in kindergarten and he ended up hitting you in the eye with a huge wooden dowel because he had no idea where the piñata was? And then you yanked the thing out of his hands and beat him in the head with it until his parents pulled you off and asked you to leave? That was awesome. Especially how you pushed his cake off the table and grabbed a couple presents (Voltron, baby!) on your way out. Good times. Well now you can get three and a half foot "Big Ass" piñatas on eBay for a paltry $50. I pay $15 for the little treasure chest ones I get at the local party store (and they're freaking small). Just imagine all the crap (!) you could stuff in this thing! Tons! After all, nothing says, "We'll miss you aunt Phyllis", better than cracking open a piñata stuffed with airplane bottles at her funeral.

eBay Auction

Thanks Mulva, come on over and we'll tear that piñata a new one

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