Hood.e Hoodie Features Integrated Speakers

May 8, 2008


The hood.e is the brainchild of Tim Dubitsky. It is currently being prototyped, as Tim continues to work out the kinks (like if you should wash speakers on the hot/cold or warm/warm setting). Tim has this to say about music and how it should be listened to:

There is a soundtrack to life, and now it's not just in your head. Throw on your hood.e, plug in your favorite mp3 player, and you're ready to roll (and rock). The embedded speakers make it possible for you to share your latest favorite track without the awkward ties of a tethered earbud. After all, music should enhance your life, not shut it out.

There's a soundtrack to life, huh? If that's the case mine would be filled with tracks about being in a dead-end relationship with yourself, having an ex-wife and two kids that hate you, and trying to kill yourself in the oven but failing because you can't afford to pay the gas bill. I'm sure people would love listening to that soundtrack.

Another picture of the hoodie after the jump.


"hood.e" puts mp3 speakers in your hoodie hood! [core77]

Thanks Shawn, you think I could borrow $80 to get my gas cut back on?

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