Help Guy Beat Guitar Hero 3, Earn Money

May 28, 2008


Well it's no Princess Zelda or vagina couch, but some guy named Jon that lives in the St. Louis Park area recently posted on his area's Craigslist looking for some help beating Guitar Hero 3.

I need help beating Raining Blood on Hard, and the last 2 sets on Expert starting with 3's and 7's.

If you could come over either Thursday night or Saturday afternoon I'd pay you to beat them for me. I'll give you an extra 5$ to beat Fire and Flames on Expert.

Let me know. I'm going to throw guitar through tv shortly if I don't get these beat. Thanks, Jon

So that's a whole $25 you could earn just by helping poor Jon beat some songs. Anybody in the area that can take him up on his offer? If so I want a kickback. And to find out if this is really a personal ad in disguise.

I need help with Guitar Hero 3 - $20 (St Louis Park)

Thanks to Kyle, who has no need for personal ads because his advertises itself

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