Heligoodness!: Airwolf Replica For Sale

May 16, 2008


We've seen helicopters made of junk, mini-gunning helicopters, and even a couple renditions of personal helicopters, but this is the grandaddy of helisweetness -- Airwolf. Airwolf was an awesome TV show about a supersonic military helicopter and its crew. If you're too young to remember it then you should probably just ask your mommy for another sippy cup and to put you back in your playpen for a nap. I kid -- I barely remember it myself. But not because I wasn't alive and relatively coherent at the time it aired (1984-1987), it's just that I got spat on by a camel at the petting zoo and lost part of my memory. Or it could be all the drinking. Whatever the case, a replica of the helicopter is now for sale on eBay.

The full size Airwolf replica was made with an existing Bell 222A airframe. The side panels, nose panel and refueling port were all made from the specs from the original Airwolf and are exact. The ADF pod and chainguns are not included in this auction, but will be available if anyone is interested. The interior is not finished, but the pilot and co-pilot seats have been reupholstered and the instrument panel has been mocked up. Airwolf inspired a whole generation to learn to fly helicopters and this replica is beautiful.

Unfortunately it doesn't fly.

Q: Could it fly with the right components?

A: Not sure. It doesn't have any paperwork, but I don't know if there is a way around that. My guess is yes, but it would be a long(dealing with the FAA.) and costly process.

Well ain't that some shit. That's like selling KITT with no engine, wheels, flashing red lights, or ability to talk. Which, my friends, would be sad enough to make the Hoff cry tears of pure chest hair.

A bunch more pictures of the replica and a link to the auction after the takeoff.






eBay Auction

Thanks Ian and D Miller, lets go helicoptering for chicks sometime

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