Hard Drive Crusher Looks Like Drill Press

May 13, 2008


EDR Solution's Hard Drive Crusher costs $11,500 and looks suspiciously like a slightly modified drill press.

With the Hard Disk Crusher you can crush over 60 disks an hour. It drills through the hard disk's spindles and physically creates ripples in the platters making it impossible to recover the data. One customer informs us that they destroyed over 9000 drives in a month, and another customer destroyed over 800 drives in day.

The Hard Disk Crusher is durable and transportable. You can put it in your vehicle and take it from one location to another. It uses a standard 110 outlet and can crush a disk in 10 seconds.

If you can crush a drive in 10 seconds, why can you only crush 60 in an hour? That doesn't add up. Does it take 50 seconds to remove the drive and toss another one in? That said, if the power goes out and the feds are coming, you can get a hand pump option for an additional $895 that allows you to break drives with 15 hand-strokes. Warning: Blatant self-advertising ahead.

Okay folks, instead of buying a ridiculous $11,500 drill press to destroy drives, just send them to me. I just started a new company, No Data Left Behind. I destroy drives through a combination of drilling and feeding them to hogs. Of course, I can't actually guarantee data won't get left behind. Or that the drive won't be scanned for credit card info and/or nudey pics first.

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Thanks to Gooch, who destroys drives the old fashioned way -- with his teeth

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