Gourmet Chocolates Shaped Like, Uh, Yeah

May 21, 2008


I tried to avoid posting these because the product is sophomoric and I'm a real class act with serious journalistic integrity, but I got the tip so many times that I figured I pretty much had to. So here it is, the Incredible Edible Anus. You heard correct -- butthole shaped chocolates. You can order a box of 12 (unknown price) or a single 35mm x 25mm x 25mm 'Big Boy' for about $6. And for a limited time you can get one made out of pure silver for about $470! "People come and people go. Our solid silver anus is immune from the daily wear and tear that similar products experience." I assume they're talking about actual buttholes there. Grossed out yet? I have been for fifteen minutes already. Take it away, testimonials!

'They're fab - I want to get my hands on some more!' Graham Norton - TV Presenter

'Say 'Thank You' with a box of delightful chocolate starfish.'
Bizarre Magazine

'The very existence of these Milk Chocolate B*mholes probably heralds the destruction of the Earth by fire. And about time, too.'
G Scene Magazine

'Thanks for the Incredible Silver Anus, it was a wedding gift. '
Buyer: courtney.bell

'The best anus I've ever paid for. First Class Service and well packaged. Cheers '
Buyer: 123thomaspope

Buyer: srhmusic

Self-confessed anal-choco-holic, excellent fix! speedy delivery, supa service*** '
Buyer: mariamerton10x

I wonder who made the mold. And whether or not they've tried one.

Product Site (check out the URL)

Thanks Allyson, Shawn, and Greg, this is just what I wanted to wake up to

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