Google Maps Reveals Sweet Squadron Art

May 8, 2008


Remember the crack deal caught on Google maps? That was pretty awesome wasn't it? Yeah, awesome and wack. Because crack is wack. Well now a reader of Geekologie has sent in some sweet squadron art via Google maps. According to my informant, Wes:

I just came back from Kadena Ab. in Okinawa Jp. and I just found your site. I think you might like these links from Google map. The first one is from my old office -- we were the 44th Fighter Squadron and we were the vampire bats so guess what was on top of our building? The second link is from our sister squadron the 67th -- they were the fighting cocks. Seriously, let the penis jokes fly but here is what the tops of each office looks like.

Man, that is freaking awesome. Inspired by this information, I Google mapped my own house to see what was up there. Unfortunately the zoom wasn't good enough, so I'm getting out the trusty ladder to take a first-hand peek.

: Damnit, no roof art here. I did find a dead bird in one of the gutters though, so the the kids aren't allowed to drink out of the downspouts for at least a week.

Hit the jump for a picture of the penis, along with the links to the two maps.


Batman Map

Cock Map

Thanks Wes, let me know if you want me to help paint something on your roof sometime

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