Goofy Suit Is Actually A Musical Instrument

May 29, 2008


The Pacer Suit is a musical instrument that looks like a goofy spacesuit (because that's what it is) that I would never, ever wear -- not even if I lost a bet (I'd just renege and let them beat me up or cut my fingers off).

The Pacer suit receives electro impulses that appear when muscles are activated (movement), amplifies them and turns them into sound with the help of the sensors attached to muscles. Each impulse is goes through the sensors via amplifiers (boxes on the back) to control panel where we can control volume, type of sound, select rhythm to follow...With this suit it is possible to produce harmonious rhythm and melody by dancing. These sounds can be heard through headphones connected to the control panel (box on the front) or through the speakers connected to the control panel by infrared rays.

That's pretty neat. I bet it sounds awesome too. And by awesome I mean worse than my girlfriend's incessant blathering about how much she hates her coworkers. Speaking of which, she just pulled up. Later folks -- I'm diving out a window and running to the bar.

UPDATE: Greetings from the ICU! We live in a third story apartment.

A couple more pictures of the components after the jump.



With Pacer Suit, Hear The Music With Every Move of Your Body [tuvie]

Thanks Shawn and Melissa, let's get a bunch of these and make an album

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