Ghost Mirror Makes You Look Ghostly

May 9, 2008


The Ghost Mirror is not what I thought it was. At first I thought it was going to be like one of those mirrors in the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World where it looks like a holographic ghost is sitting next to you. This is not the case. Instead it makes you look ghostly.

In this mirror, the observer can see the reflection of his surroundings and yet he is never able to see himself.

Now I'm not totally sure how that works, but I've got the feeling that if that bookshelf shows up, you should too if you stand by it (so maybe you only disappear if you're really close). But there is, of course, the chance that an evil sorcerer lives inside the mirror and steals your image whenever you look at it. Yeah, that's probably it. You know, just from looking at her, you'd swear my girlfriend applies her makeup in a mirror like this. Seriously -- she looks like she got beat in the face with a paint can.

Ghost Mirror [pipeline]

Thanks David, now don't go and disappear on us

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