Flatmobile: The Flattest Vehicle In Gotham

May 21, 2008


This original Batmobile-inspired vehicle has been dubbed the Flatmobile. It stands a whopping 19" tall and is allegedly the world's flattest car that isn't a go-kart.

The Flatmobile is powered by a jet engine (based on a gas turbine jet engine and a Holset 685 turbocharger from a Volvo FL10 truck) which, thanks to having its own custom afterburner, is capable of delivering 90lbs of thrust powering the Flatmobile to speeds in excess of 100mph.

Awesome, can you imagine going 100mph and then getting run over by a tractor trailer driver who can't see you? That would be freaking sweet. However, I have a bone to pick with the claim that this is the flattest ride on the streets. Because it's not. That honor goes to a hooker I saw in D.C. over the weekend. Man, she had no boobs. Flat as an ironing board. Just the way I like 'em, isn't that right honey?

Several more pictures and a video after the jump.




Flatmobile Jet Powered Car Set To Claim 'World's Lowest Vehicle' Record [tfts]

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