Flame - Allegedly The World's Most Advanced Walking Robot With A Blue Flame For A Head

May 23, 2008


"Flame" is the name of a walking robot designed and built by TU Delft PhD student Daan Hobbelen.

By mimicking the way that humans actually fall forward when walking, this robot comes insanely close to the real thing. Usually, walking robots are energy-hungry propositions, but this is the first that's both efficient and stable. Inside Flame are seven motors and a balance "organ" loaded with stability algorithms. By measuring each step, the robot adjusts stance width, speed, and gait on the go.

There's a video of Flame going for a stroll after the jump, and I've got to admit -- he's definitely better at walking than the guy beside him.

Hit it for the very short video.

Flame is the world's most advanced -- and Dutch -- walking robot [engadget]

Thanks Shawn and Phil, lets club this bastard in the back of the knees and take him down

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