What The Apocalypse May Look Like (That Is, If It Happened Naturally And Not At The Hands Of Giant Robots And/Or Zombies)

May 8, 2008


These are pictures of the Chaitén volcano erupting in Chile (the country, not the delicious mixture of beans, meat and spices) and creating a "dirty thunderstorm". Dirty thunderstorms are caused by the incredible amount of static electricity generated in a volcano's ash plume and are not to be confused with "dirty thunderwearstorms" which are created when a coworker (i.e. The Superficial Writer -- thanks a lot dude) is taking his afternoon nap on the only commode in the building and there's nowhere else to relieve yourself.

Several more pictures of the apocalypse after the jump.




Eye Candy: Chilean Volcanic Thunderstorm [ohgizmo]

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