Custom Ninja Gaiden Handpainted Shoes

May 1, 2008


I know what you're thinking my fellow geekologists, you're thinking "damn, it's about time we see some more handpainted shoes so we can rip into them like a horde of zombies munching the last brain on earth." Well the wait is over my esteemed colleagues. These custom Ninja Gaiden slip-ons feature Ryu Hayabusa in all his stealthy glory. They were painted by some chick for her boyfriend, Roger. Hats off to you, Roger, you done scored yourself a good one. She even used slip-on shoes, so she probably knows how much men hate laces because they always come untied and get dragged through urine puddles in public restrooms. Good girl. Not only does my girlfriend not paint me shit, but she hides my shoes when she's mad at me. She's sick. Literally -- we think it's dysentery. Damn you, Oregon Trail.

One more picture after the jump, along with the link to a high-res version.


High-Res Picture
(you have to click it)
Custom Ninja Gaiden Slip-Ons [albotas]

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