Completely Inappropriate Austrian PS3 Ad

May 15, 2008


Sometimes, being The Intrepid Geekologie Writer requires me to report on things I'd prefer not to. This is one of those cases. Featured here is a real PS3 ad created by the TBWA\Wein agency for the Austrian market. Long story short: It's a naked dude -- with a thumb for a penis. You heard me --- a thumb for a penis. And, as my wife so lovingly pointed out, it's way bigger than my unit even after using the pump. So yeah, I'm killing myself. Oh you think that's funny do you? Making fun of The Geekologie Writer for the cruel joke God played on him? Well I hate you. Go eat a thumb.

Oh, and ladies -- if you think every man hasn't tried playing video games with his favorite digit before, you're kidding yourself.

The NSFW picture after the jump.

WARNING: It's a dude with a thumb for a penis.


NSFW: Sony's Euro PS3 thumb for a penis ad [joystiq]

Thanks Loree, I've always wanted to be scarred for the rest of my life

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