A Stripper Pole Wii Game In The Works?

May 8, 2008


Is there a stripper pole Wii game in the works? Possibly.

While details are sketchy, the thought is likely that such a game would take advantage of the Wii Fit balance board, which arrives next month. You can imagine how such a "game" might work, with players tasked with balancing on the pole for certain lengths of time or in certain positions.

The company behind the possible game is Peekaboo Pole Dancing, which specializes in pole dancing kits and videos (including the Carmen Electra one). There has been no word on how Nintendo feels about the idea, but my guess is not ecstatic. But who knows? I do. They're not ecstatic.

Ha, this reminds me of a funny story. When my siblings and I were in college my sister was moonlighting as a stripper. I went to the club once with a bunch of my friends for some steaks and entertainment, completely unaware of her secret profession. Lo and behold -- my sister dancing naked! Oh man, the hilarity that ensued. Seriously, you should have seen me trying to gouge my eyes out with the end of a T-bone. Hilarious.

Game company plans stripper pole for Nintendo Wii [yahoo]

Thanks to Heather, the best dancer you'll never get to see

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