A Jawa Sandcrawlerload Of R2-D2 Cakes

May 13, 2008


Get it? Instead of boatload? I'm throwing rocks tonight. Mark it, Dude. So I've been getting a ton of R2-D2 cake tips lately, and I've decided to just compile them into a single post and unleash the beast in one fell swoop. So here they are, starting with this handsome droid, that, get this, comes sans fondant. Oh snap, crackle and pop indeed my friends. A cake without fondant. All the ones after the jump are heavy on the fondantry, so yeah. Oh, and you've got to check out the picture of the Star Wars themed wedding party for the last cake (after the jump). Freakin' awesome. Almost as awesome as my wedding's theme, which was admittedly less Star Warsy and more "the biggest mistake of your life"sy.

All the must see pictures after the jump.






First (Non Fondant) Cake [musnud]

The second cake [flickr]

Third cake and Wedding [gizmodo]

Thanks Wesley, Shawn, and Brianna, you're all invited over for a piece of R2's brain and ice cream

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