Spider-Man Tattoo Sadly Lacks Spidey-Sense

April 23, 2008


This is a wicked Spider-Man inspired tattoo that somebody got. It was made to look like the guy's skin is ripped and he's really Spider-Man underneath. There's a picture after the jump with his arms done in a similar fashion. I would have gone for the full-body suit myself, but that's because I'm what's known in the (call center customer service) biz as "a hardcore emmer effer" (I once told an elderly caller to "put that in your donut cushion and sit on it"). Just kidding, I tried to get a tattoo once but passed out. It wasn't wetting my arm that got to me, it was the "press firmly for 30 seconds" part.

Another picture of Spider Man arms, along with a link to the most ridiculous tattoos ever, after the jump.


Craziest Tattoo I've Seen [emptees] (follow to see a bunch of ridiculously horrible tattoos. Warning: Several penis tattoos. Not on dongs, but rather of dongs. They are MUST SEE.)

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