Water-Cooled Shirt Keeps You, Well, Cool

April 30, 2008


The Cool Shirt is a water-cooled t-shirt. It keeps you cool. Not cool in a "I'm gonna get mad laid in this Geekologie t-shirt" way, but rather in a "not warm or hot" way. They were designed for race car drivers, and pump 45-60 degree water around your nipples through 50 feet of rubber hose. You just plug the ends into a pump, and away you go. Since I couldn't find any pricing info, and my trusty Metro doesn't have any AC, I decided to make my own for the hot summer months. Unfortunately, the water was recently cut off in my tenement, so I had to use bourbon instead. Well this morning I was halfway to the grocery store when a crappy song came on the radio and really pissed me off. I yanked one of the tubes out of the pump and let it work all that delicious bourbon down my throat. I got drunk pretty fast (drinking out of a straw gets you drunk faster) and drove my car through a Hardees. I made the most of the situation though and had a delicious order of biscuits and gravy before the police got there. In hindsight, filling the shirt with bourbon was a bad idea. Vodka or gin is probably the way to go.

Water-Cool Yourself With a Cool Shirt [uberreview]

Thanks to Wes, who everyone finds both hot and cool

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