Watch Only Tells If It's Day Or Night, Has Rusted Looking Bezel, Costs $300,000

April 9, 2008


Admittedly we've seen some really freaking ridiculous and expensive watches here in the past, but the Day&Night watch from Romain Jerome takes the cake for the least bang for your buck. It has a Tourbillon movement that only tells you if it's day or night. All this for $300,000. Holy sundials, Blindman, that's a ripoff. Yes, it is. And the real sick kicker is that the thing sold out within 48 hours of its release, making it an instant timeless (!!) classic. WTF!? I mean, for only $30 you can call me whenever you want and I'll tell you if it's day or night. Or you could, oh I don't know, open your eyes. I'm downtown right now, and I swear, the first person I see wearing an expensive watch is getting shanked.*

*Shanked is prison-talk for being stabbed with a makeshift knife. In this particular instance, a sharp piece of tailpipe that broke off when I was trying to parallel park.

$300,000 Watch Doesn't Tell Time, But Shows if The Sun is Up [gizmodo]

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