Warmth And Privacy While Using Your Laptop

April 17, 2008


I'm pretty sure a similar version of this was on the site a while ago, but I couldn't find it so I'm posting this version anyways (if somebody can find the old post I'll link to it here and give you a shoutout. Something like: and thanks to Sherlock _____ for their awesome detective skills and wicked pipe.) Besides, this one has the little handwarmer addition, and I feel the other didn't. A brief description of the project:

Our interactions with personal electronic devices provoke a broad range of emotional states from frustration to confusion to feverish obsession. Increasingly, these devices mediate our everyday work activities, our social network development and our personal communications. In this paper, we propose a participatory installation that aims to bring critical awareness and consideration to the complex relationship between people and their technological artifacts. These 'Body-Technology Interfaces,' (BTIs) in the form of hand-knitted custom wrappers for personal electronic devices, will reflect salient interaction behaviors between the participant and their chosen device.

HAHA, I pissed away thirty seconds reading that and now you did too. No word on what the person that wrote that was smoking, but if I can get my hands on some I'll let you know and we can sit in the park and get f to the ucked up. Maybe throw the frisbee around for a little bit. Seriously though, if you need privacy at your laptop I've got three words for you: Take your pantsoff. And if people don't start filing out immediately, then maybe you don't need privacy after all. *wink* You catch my drift? I'm talking about an orgy. I think. I actually have no idea, I've only seen them in movies.

UPDATE: Pictures of the old units I was talking about located thanks to several detectives, those pictures added at the bottom of the jump.

A bunch more pictures, includes a couple of just the hand warmers, after the jump.





Projects/BodyTechnologyInterfaces [sternlab]

Thanks to Jason, who never gets any privacy because beautiful women are always hounding him, for the tip

Also thanks to Master Detectives Robert, Pork Musket, and Jorgeivan for their diligence in locating the old pictures, the world is in debt to you.

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