Tree Man Of Java Looks Like A Tree, Ent

April 16, 2008


This isn't geeky, but it is awesome, if only in a freakish, sad kind of way. Dede Koswara, 37, is known as the 'Tree Man of Java' because he looks like a tree (those are his actual feet at the bottom of the picture). He has an extremely rare immune deficiency that prevents his body from fighting HPV, resulting in massive growths of bark-like warts. Sick, I know. Over 4lbs of the stuff has already been removed, and now he hopes to get married soon. Not to a bush or shrub either, but a woman. His first wife left him after he got so covered that he couldn't work any more. We all wish you a speedy recovery and healthy living from here on out, Dede. You deserve a good woman after everything you've been through. If I knew of any I'd send them your way, but I don't. All the chicks I know are strumpets, strippers, or psychopaths.

Be thankful everyone.

Several more uncensored pictures and a VIDEO after the jump, but be warned: they're pretty unnerving.




Tree Man: 'I want to get married' [metro]

Thanks to Allyson, who has no physical abnormalities whatsoever, for the tip

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