Trashcan Robot Is Useless, I Want It Anways

April 18, 2008

Mr. Push is a trashcan robot that can tell jokes, roll dice, and beat himself in the head with his crablike legs. He was a contender in the Baka RoboCup 2007 competition, in which robots vie to be the least useful but most entertaining. Mr. Push did well, but didn't win. A couple of noteworthy parts in the video:

0:37 This is what I do when I can't find anything worth posting on Geekologie.
1:32 He mocks some guy while waving his penis at him.
2:20 He rolls a 6.
3:45 His little robotic M&M friend (OniRoppo) humps a Roomba.

So precious.

Pusk-kun: Screwy robot trash can [pinktentacle]

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