The Real Sumo Fighting Series Made Me Sick

April 14, 2008

This is a sumo wrestling video. A "real" sumo fight. You get to see the lightning, snow storms, fireballs other shit they call from the heavens in order to defeat their opponent. It's questionable. It may even be CG. One thing is certain though -- don't watch it if you're epileptic. I'm serious about that. It damn near gave me a seizure (starting around 0:50), and I don't have any known health issues (minus chronic headaches caused by the sound of my wife's voice), although epilepsy may run in the family. One time my brother and I were playing Q-Zar laser tag and all the flashing lights caused him to collapse and start spazzing out on the floor. Since he was on the other team I just stood there and shot him repeatedly. I ended up with the high score that round.

Youtube (there's a whole series of these things if you like them)
The Real Sumo Fighting [albotas]

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