The OctoDog Slices Wieners, Is Really Cute

April 29, 2008


OctoDog is a $16 kitchen utensil that slices hot dogs into a fun octopus shape (the eyes even poke eye holes in the dog). It's totally freaking awesome. Because, if there's one thing I learned growing up, it's that hot dogs are made of pig lips and assholes and only taste right if they're in the shape of an eight-legged sea creature. Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures of what you can do with your newfound hot dog friends as well as an instructional video on how to use the slicer. Just a word of warning though: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT purchase one of these if you're a man and currently cheating on your wife/girlfriend. Or if you just fight regularly and she has ever made any sort of threat to "slice your pecker up". If that's the case you should probably even delete your browser history and cookies so there's no chance she'll ever see this thing.

Worthwhile pictures and a video after the jump.




I Love You OctoDog! [divinecaroline]

Thanks to Kevin, who once beat Takeru Kobayashi in an octopus-shaped hot dog eating contest just for fun, for the tip

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