Tetris Decals Add Blocky Flair To Your Abode

April 15, 2008


Seller "Fame" is selling sets of these Tetris Wall Decals for on Etsy for $42. You get two tetrads each of seven different colors and can arrange them however you please. They'd go great alongside your Tetris shelves, Tetris mirrors, breakfast (with iced orange juice), or furniture. I recommend buying several sets, since this "Fame" character on Etsy is actually me trying to make a quick buck off Tetris lovers. And don't go getting the idea that you can make these yourself, my house nearly blew up twice during the manufacturing process. Just kidding, that was the meth lab.

One more picture of what you get after the jump.


tetris vinyl wall decals: blocks fall on your wall [technabob]

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