Tetris Arm Wrestling Is Freaking Awesome

April 16, 2008


Tresling is a combination of Tetris and arm wrestling. You have a button to push with your free hand that rotates your tetrads, but you have to beat your opponent's arm against a sensor in order to move it in one direction (and against your own sensor to move it in the opposite). You each have your own game going, so a typical game consists of two people beating each other's arm around like maniacs. Which is awesome. Man if they sold these systems I'd buy one today. That's right, I like beating my wife at arm wrestling to make myself feel good. This game would be perfect because she's no good at Tetris either, so it'd be a double boost to the ol' ego.

Oh, and I hoping this guy has really weak arms, otherwise there's no reason to bother holding a Tresling World Championship.

MUST SEE VIDEO of the system in action after the jump.

Tresling: Tetris Gets Physical

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