Tavern Tax: Guy Does Your Taxes At The Bar

April 11, 2008


Carmine Sodora is an accountant. A genius one. Why? Because he posts up in bars and does your income taxes for you.

Sodora founded Tavern Tax in 2005. For 10 weeks leading up to the April 15 deadline to submit U.S. income tax returns, he brings his tax-filing services to bars on weekday nights and weekend afternoons. At an Irish pub on Wednesday night, Sodora set up shop under a "Tavern Tax" sign with a fold-up table covered with a framed photo of laughing friends, his laptop and a lamp. One by one, clients relaxed in the chair across from him, handing over documents and sipping on beer. "I always say to people, 'Where's your beer? I can't have one but you can,'" Sodora said.

Stop right there. I retract my "Carmine Sodora is a genius accountant" statement. How in the hell can you trust someone that doesn't drink while filling out tax forms? Exactly, you can't. I don't let anyone do my taxes that isn't at least eight W-2's to the wind. Which is why I did them myself this year. Today in fact. Penis jokes are deductible, right? Right?

Taver Tax Service Mixes Beer and Taxes [aolnews]

Thanks to Pat, who doesn't have to pay taxes because he has a personal pardon from Turbo, the tax god, for the tip

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