Tape Dispenser Looks Like Cassette, Clever!

April 7, 2008


This $25 tape dispenser looks like a cassette. A cassette tape! How very clever of someone. You can choose a red or green label, and both models dispense a long, thin, sticky plastic film (aka tape). I like it, it's got old school flair. If I didn't already steal six tape dispensers from work I'd consider getting one. Speaking of stolen goods, someone at the office made off with my "World's Greatest Lover" coffee mug. And no, it's not a "World's Greatest Animal Lover" mug with animal scratched out. Psyche! Of course it is.

Tape Dispenser Product page

Thanks to Brendan, who actually has one of those big golden wrestling belts proving he's the world's greatest lover, for the tip

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