Sustainable Dance Clubs Aim To Be Greener

April 4, 2008


Sustainable Dance Clubs are designed to reduce the outside energy needed to get your groove on in a dimly lit room with a bunch of other people grinding "all up on that ass". The first is opening in Rotterdam this weekend and features a dance floor that harvests dancing energy via piezoelectricity. This energy will be used to power the club's LED lighting. Not sure what's powering the speakers, but my guess is magic. Hey, anything that makes the world a little greener is cool in my book. And they could really harvest some serious energy from my wicked moves -- I dance my ass off. Literally, I lost a cheek.

A video explaining the dancefloor and a picture of me after a hard night of partying after the jump.


Sustainable Dance Club

Thanks to Florian, a member of the elite BerlinMassive, for the tip

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