Sure, Why Not?: See-Through Monitor Display

April 28, 2008

Remember the Holographic Vaio Zoom laptop concept from awhile back? Pretty titillating wasn't it? I wanted one. Did you want one? If you did maybe we could start a club. You know, something with a secret handshake. My dad said we could even use the storage shed out back as a clubhouse. So whattaya say? Fine, but you're missing out. My mom always makes snacks for me when I'm done playing in the yard. Oftentimes accompanied by, oh I don't know, a piping-cold glass of chocolate milk!

So this is a video of what a transparent laptop display would look like. IT IS NOT REAL, it's just been rendered with a little green-screen magic so you could imagine the possibilities. Which, I've got to admit, seem pretty unexciting. "Holy staplers, that's my desk! I can see my desk through the monitor!" That said, it's cool and I'd buy one if it was the same price as a regular monitor. It would be good for taking notes in class while still managing to sneak a peek at the girl that sits in front of you. The one you've had a crush on the whole semester. You know, the one you finally managed to muster up enough courage to ask out on a date, but mid-conversation you very audibly tooted because you were so nervous and she ran away to her friends laughing? *sniffle* Yeah, that one.

Transparent Display Concept Proves There's a Use For Anything [gizmodo]

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