Sure, Why Not: Face-To-Face Tandem Bike

April 9, 2008


The Face-to-Face tandem bike is the brainchild of Taiwanese inventor Chen Yugang. It took him about a year to work out the logistics and build the thing.

His new bicycle can be ridden face-to-face, conventionally or even back-to-back as the seats rotate and the gears can be set to move the bike in either direction. "The bicycle is very easy to change. Any person can change the riding mode in around 10 seconds without the help of tools," says Chen. "Face-to-face is suitable for a parent and child, or dating couples, while the back-to-back mode gives both riders a good view, and the one at the back can have both hands free to shoot pictures or eat snacks."

I was skeptical about whether or not your knees would bang the other person's when you were riding, so Chen was kind enough to let my girlfriend and I take it for a test spin. It really is great for dating couples -- so romantic. There we were, riding along, eyes locked (practically having eye-sex), when, BAM! I slammed her into the back of a bus. Get well soon, honey.

P.S. But not too soon, I'm trying to put the moves on your roommate.

Video of a similar bike, with front rider riding forward, and back rider backwards, after the jump.

Bike Riders Facing Opposite - The best home videos are here

Face-to-face tandem [dailytimes]

Thanks to Pat, a man who can ride a bike with two women on his lap, for the tip

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