Steampunkish Vader Mask For Sale On eBay

April 1, 2008


This is a steampunkish Vader helmet some dude made out of an old mask bought from Disney World 14 years ago. It's looking alright. Nothing I'd have on display for every girl that came over to see, but definitely something I'd don in the bedroom for a choice few. The auction includes a chestpiece/respirator (picture after the jump) and currently stands at $22.28 with 2 days and 9 hours remaining. However the reserve has not been met. And you know what else hasn't been met? My soulmate. Well, she's probably been met, just not by me. And knowing that she's out there doing battle with some other Jedi's lightsaber makes me sick to my stomach.

A couple more pictures after the jump.




eBay Auction
Steampunk Vader Mask Makes Me Look Like Darth Kaiser [gizmodo]

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