Software Program Detects Female Beauty

April 2, 2008


Tel Aviv University student Amit Kagian has created a program that can detect female faces and features that will be considered beautiful by most people.

It uses 98 parameters that showed up in the faces ranked most beautiful by 30 test subjects, including facial symmetry, hair color, skin texture, and deviation from what was determined to be an "average face."

Allegedly it has proven to be accurate at predicting faces that test groups will find beautiful as well. Super duper, but I don't care. You want to know what a beautiful woman looks like? I'll tell you: She has hair on her head or is bald, has teeth (at least some, but none is okay), preferably doesn't wear a patch (although I can make exceptions), and lacks a penis or it is at least smaller than mine. Actually, scratch all that, my only requirement is boobs. Big or small, I love them all. Hey, that rhymed. I love you ladies. *blink* Damnit, that was supposed to be a wink. *blink* Aww, screw it.

Software spots femaile beauty, but we can already do that [dvice]

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