Running The Numbers Art Exhibit Is Staggering

April 3, 2008


I know what you're thinking -- the Geekologie writer has lost it and is posting fuzzy pictures of a scrambled skin-flick on Cinemax. Well, you're wrong. What you're actually seeing is a picture of two million plastic beverage bottles -- the amount used in the United States every five minutes. It's a piece in an exhibit entitled Running The Numbers, by artist Christ Jordan. That particular piece is actually 60" x 120", and there is a partial zoom and close-up after the jump, along with two others - plastic bags and cell phones. Check them out, and definitely hit the link to his gallery for a whole bunch more. They're definitely all worth seeing. And while you may argue with the statistics Chris used, I think we can agree that it would be fun as hell to dive into all those plastic bottles.

Kidding, these pictures are disturbing. If you need me I'll be hiding in the closet weeping into my blanky for the rest of the day.

Two more and a link to the very worthwhile gallery after the jump.



60,000 plastic bags, the amount used in the US every five seconds




426,000 cell phones, the number of cell phones retired in the US every day.




Chris Jordan's Running The Numbers

Thanks to Rob, a man who 10,000 beautiful women throw themselves at every 15 minutes, for the tip

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