Robotic Heart Surgery Snake Is Mad Scary

April 15, 2008


Scientists (or at least people that wear those awesome white lab coats) at Carnegie Mellon University recently unveiled the CardioArm. It's a snake looking robot that was created to aid during heart surgery.

CardioArm is a jointed robot, allowing you to control its head while the rest of its joints follow exactly where the head has been to avoid any accidental internal injuries. The robot wraps itself around the heart until it finds what it's sent inside the body for (i.e., to remove damaged tissues).

They're still working on getting the size of the robot down, and hope to eventually create a unit that can fit inside blood vessels and requires no incision to enter the body. That's right folks, I'm talking about swallowing one.

These modifications include the ability of the robot to pass through natural openings like the mouth, as well creating a model with multiple tentacles able to enter through a single opening, but branch out to where they're supposed to go once inside the body.

So yeah, swallowing a multiple-tentacle robotic snake/octopus. Not too sure how I feel about that. Except for holy shit, I'm going to start eating right and exercising more.

Uncensored picture of the the snake winding through some body part, after the jump.


Robotic Snake Can Perform Heart Surgeries [inventorspot]

Thanks to Ren, who was half of the greatest cartoon duo ever, for the tip

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