Questionable: Cheese From Women's Milk

April 9, 2008


Well ever since yesterday when the ick-factor was ramped up with (fake) baby chocolates and disgusting health drinks, the grody tips have been pouring in and making me even sicker. This is one of the lesser ones -- women's breast milk cheese from France. Allegedly Le Petit Singly is a farm that specializes in the stuff.

Le Petit Singly is a farm that specializes in making cheese from women's breast milk. Are you imagining the milking process? Admittedly, that imagery makes me come to the conclusion that it's an absolutely bizarre and crazy world of cheesemaking in little ole Singly, France. But, no. I think the "donors" bring their milk to the farm, or something like that.

The cheese is produced exactly like it would be for cow's milk and apparently tastes like it has hints of hazelnut. I still have my doubts about its existence, though. The farm says the cheese is rich in vitamins and nutrients but I don't think these survive after being ultra-pasteurized. Also, they have an "AB" label, which is the official label for organic products. Does that mean that the women all grazed on organic?

Hoax potential aside, I'd eat the hell out of some breast milk cheese. I bet it's delicious, and I love hints of hazelnut. It's like when my wife was pregnant with our daughter and I tried to get a little suckle on the proverbial teat. I barely got a taste before she kicked me in the privates and told me I was "stealing from the baby". I told her that that was bull, the baby was stealing from me. And she continues to -- 1 down, 17 to go.

Human Breast Milk Cheese Made In France [whytraveltofrance]
(apparently for the breast milk cheese)

Thanks to Richard, whose curiosity got the best of him, for the tip

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