All-In-One Computer/Monitor Steampunk Build

April 25, 2008


Jake Von Slatt is a man who loves steampunk. This is one of his most recent creations, an all-in-one 24" widescreen with computer packed in the back. It looks good (reminds me a lot of this bad-assery). If you're a steampunk fan be sure to check out Slatt's Steampunk Workshop website for all kinds of steamy projects, including a steampunk car. I even found a link to a guy's wicked steampunk motorcycle (picture after the jump) on there. He features some pretty good pictures and details on each build, and even some videos. What he doesn't feature is how to convince your girlfriend to wear one of those old school umbrella dresses so a man can get a little steampunk role playing on in the bedroom. After all, nothing says "Honey, quick, call the fire department and burn ward!" like fooling around with hot coals in the sack.

A bunch more pictures after the jump, including that motorcycle I promised.





The Steampunk Workshop
All-In-One Victorian PC From Steampunk Jake Von Slatt [uberreview]

Thanks to Karina, who is pretty much my new best friend, for the tip

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