Portal Technology Makes For Neat Video

April 30, 2008

Remember Portal, the sweet little game that came with The Orange Box? Yeah, I heart my companion cube too. Well, using the technological basis of the game, a company has made a video demonstration of what portals would look like in the real world (and yes, it's better than the see-through display video).

Created by EmmanuelMFr of France's Total Immersion, the illusions in the video really are reminiscent of those in the game. Using his company's D'FUSION software, he was able to swap the images on each virtual screen surface in real time, including full 3-dimensional transformations.

Okay now that video left me pretty confused, but I think what they're getting at is how awesome it would be to grab a beer from the fridge without leaving the couch. And I think we can all agree that would be Nobel Prize worthy. Hell, if I could grab beer from the grocery store (and not pay) without leaving the couch, I'd nominate that shit for a Pulitzer.

portal technology in the real world [technabob]

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