Pixel Sofa Features Big Squares Of Color

April 1, 2008


The Pixel Couch was designed by Royal College of Art graduate student Christian Zuzunaga and will be sold by Italian furniture company Moroso. No word on how much they'll cost, but they look like vomit. I want one badly. If you have a girlfriend like mine that's prone to puking and peeing the couch (I TOLD YOU I'D TELL EVERYONE!) then this thing would be perfect.

UPDATE: The woman called and told me to take the post down because she's embarrassed. I told her to relax, that it was an April Fools' joke. She said it wasn't funny because she really does pee the sofa. I just laughed and hung up.

Two more close-ups after the jump.



Two worlds collide, resulting in Pixel Couch [dvice]

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