Pii Pii Brothers: Exactly What Is Sounds Like

April 1, 2008


Super Pii Pii Brothers is exactly what it sounds like: a virtual peeing game. It's available now for $35 from ThinkGeek and comes with a pair of underwear to connect the Wiimote to.

The play mechanics are simple. Prepare yourself by strapping on the included belt harness and jacking in your Wiimote. A series of toilets are presented on screen and the challenge is to tilt your body to control a never-ending stream of pee. Get as much pee in the toilets as you can while spilling as little on the floor as possible. Sounds easy eh? Well the toilets open and close whack-a-mole style and occasionally the stray cat or other cute critter pops up. Spray a cat for extra points.

Wow. Thankfully it's an April Fools joke. Because now I'm gonna manufacture the game and get rich. Rich I say!

Uncensored picture and a video of my girlfriend playing after the jump.



Super Pii Pii Brothers At Thinkgeek

Thanks to Chris, who has never missed the toilet, for the tip

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