PETA Offers $1 Million For Test Tube Meat

April 24, 2008


Know anything about growing meat in a test tube? If so, bring it to market and PETA will award you with $1 million. I was so excited when I heard about the contest that I couldn't sleep. I stayed up all night in my basement laboratory banging test tubes together. But alas, no matter how hard I banged my efforts proved fruitless meatless. I don't get it, I had a lab coat on and everything. I'm starting to think this is going to be harder than I first anticipated. I bet I'm going to need a laser. *yelling upstairs* Mother! Order me a powerful burning laser! The strongest one they've got. Oh, and bring me a freaking juicebox! My scientific mind can't operate on Fruit Roll-Ups alone you know.

PETA offering $1 million for lab-created meat

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